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Commission Requests

I am currently taking a limited number of commission requests for late 2024 for large scale pieces only (artwork budget >$20000+GST). 

NOTE: Commission quote are individually priced, and will be based on detail provided by each client. For canvas commissions, the stretching, framing and shipping are at the client expense. 

Delivery of artworks by Owen: It can be arranged for me to deliver the artwork in person, however travel, time and accommodation costs will be quoted for this prior to a personalised delivery being arranged.

Licencing Requests

A number of my artworks featured on my online store are available to be licenced in a limited licencing agreement. If you are interested in a licence, please submit an enquiry on the form below, including the details of which artwork you wish to licence, the purpose or the product it will be used on, and if applicable how many items will be produced. 

Custom artwork licences will only be considered for clients who have booked a commission piece.

No permission is granted for unauthorised download, copying or use of images from this website.


I am currently taking mural bookings for completion in late 2024 for murals painted onto an outdoor board that can be installed on a surface, or I can paint a smaller piece that is photographed in high resolution, transferred to a vinyl overlay that is then installed onto the wall surface (allowing very large wall spaces to have artwork applied at a lower cost). Please complete the enquiry form below.

As a price guide:

  • Outdoor board murals commence at $15000+GST for a 2mx1m mural board that is painted in a large dot style format. The completed mural is then provided to the client for installation.
    • Shipping of the board mural is at the expense of the client.
    • For personal delivery of the mural travel, time and accommodation costs will be quoted for this prior to a personalised delivery being arranged.
  • Vinyl Installations of an image of an original artwork commences at $8000+GST for an approx. 100cmx50cm original artwork painting on canvas in Owens fine dot style format. The canvas artwork is provided to the client. A high resolution image of the artwork is then transferred to vinyl and installed – this means that artworks can be printed in a very large format to cover big spaces while the original artwork is retained – making this a very cost effective way to decorate large wall spaces (especially those that have unusual dimensions).
    • Additional costs for the artwork photography, digital vectoring, and the vinyl install will be quoted based on the size of the area to be installed. If the original artwork is also to be stretched and framed this will be quoted separately based on the framing costs.
  • On-site painted mural commission bookings are not currently being accepted.

Collaborations, Projects and Artist-in-Residence requests

Please complete the enquiry form below if you would like to enquire about working on a collaboration, project or would like to book me for an Artist-in-Residence (Air).

ABOUT ARTIST IN RESIDENCE: This is available on site for both school and corporate groups whereby a booking is made for a number of consecutive days where an artwork is created on site with contributions from students/staff.

Costs and sizes of these project vary and include a daily costs for the AiR component, plus the costs for the painting of the artwork, and any other sundry expenses needed.

Each AiR request will be individually quoted based on individual requirements. Where travel to conduct a AiR is required, the travel, time and accommodation costs will be quoted for this to be covered by the client.

Cultural Consultation

 School Student Art Workshops by Owen Lyons Wiradjuri Art - student cultural awareness 

I am available to attend sites or workplaces to conduct consulting sessions on cultural awareness for corporate, educational or private clients.

These are at an hourly rate of $125+GST plus applicable travel mileage or airfares, travel time and accommodation.

These costs costs will be quoted for this to be covered by the client.

Education, Media and Interview requests

Please download my media kit here, and lodge an enquiry below.

COSTS FOR INTERVIEW/CONSULTING REQUESTS: I often receive media and non-media interview requests regarding cultural awareness or about my art or artistic journey, and this is something I do love to share my insights on.

If you are emailing to request a 1:1 interview or meeting, please understand that any time I am providing cultural awareness or other information in a meeting is time away from my business and painting.

As such, requests for 1:1 interviews or face-to-face meetings around this are booked as an hourly rate paid session.

Alternatively, I can answer basic questions via email. Please limit email based questions to three, and I may not be able to provide a response. If you are requesting an email reply, lease be mindful of the time takes to provide responses – if questions are more complex an hourly rate meeting can be booked. 

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